Types of News

Types of News

Straight hard/hard news reports that report just the important information in an unbiased and straightforward manner are also known as hard or straight news stories. This type of news is usually organized in the same inverted pyramid-style format, that usually positions newsworthy information in the first part of the story followed by the less important details. For example, the headline of a story is usually the first thing that is read and followed by the complete report on what the news is all about. In a nutshell, this type of news is characterized by its straightforward and direct delivery.

Online News Websites: Online news websites that provide news, current events, and related news can be categorized into two groups: web sites and aggregators. Web sites usually provide news based information that is updated frequently, while aggregators usually provide information that is collected from different sources and then aggregated to provide news.

Business Publications: Business publications or journals are the major sources of business and industry news. These include business magazines, newspapers, trade journals, financial magazines, journals of industrial organizations, business journals, and business journals. Business journals provide their readers with current and detailed news regarding the latest happenings in the industry and it also helps in providing an overall picture of the industry in terms of its performance, achievements, and future prospects.

Business Newsletters: Most business newsletters are used for informational purposes. The newsletters are available to both large and small businesses and companies who wish to provide information to their readers. Business newsletters are usually distributed by professional and trained correspondents. Since these newsletters are mostly written by expert correspondents, they provide clear and precise information.

Press Releases: Press releases are written press statements that are distributed to the media as a news release. This type of press statement is usually used by marketing companies for presenting their products and services. Marketing companies can use press releases to present their new products and services in the media or through various trade publications. The main purpose of using this type of press release is to create positive publicity about their products or services. The release is usually sent out to various press outlets or publications that carry particular news interest to the business that the company represents.


An e-newsletter is basically a compilation of news reports and other pertinent information. It is sent directly to the e-mail inbox of the reader along with links to the associated website. which contains further information. E-newsletters generally contain some basic news but useful information about the topic of the news release and its author usually gives a brief description of the topic and ends the e-newsletter with a short bio.

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